Surfwoodboards Free Live Radio Builder Tool

Have you ever wanted to create a web page but never had the time or thought it was possible?

Have you ever wanted to create your own live online radio channel with access to thousands of live radio feeds through one easy to use Admin console for the world to hear your own music tastes?

Have you ever dreamed of publishing your own Android App but thought it was impossible due to time and effort required?

Have you ever wanted to have fun doing one or all of the above??????

IF THE ANSWER IS YES THEN in association with Rotator Radio Live now has the perfect solution for you with an easy to set up, drag and drop style live radio builder tool, we shall do the hard work of setting up the default Admin panel, all you have to do is drag and drop, set up your drop down menus, add your icons, add your channels and you shall have your own live radio featured on for the world to hear.

Below are the packages offered by surfwoodboards

Free start up trial package – 3 day free fun access and trial to a basic control panel, this includes an admin control panel with basic functions that you can add up to 20 live radio feeds in up to 3 genres of your choice to personalise your own live radio and get a feel for the set up process. YES it is that simple, we can assure you after 3 days you shall be able to set up, navigate and use all the functions without a problem and see how easy and more importantly FUN we have made this for you.

After 3 days this Admin panel shall reset to default OR your mission if you choose to accept is you could go to the next stage below, continue your project and have some fun along the way.

(Get Started) Pop up email and password (Check your email for link to get started building your own live radio channel)

Email link to dashboard with sign in (Forgotten password etc.)

Instructions PDF download.


Basic package.

$9.99 – Subscribe to continue creating and expanding your trial control panel, start creating your own personalised fully functional web based live radio control panel hosted by surfwoodboards, the first step to creating a live radio app that can be published on google play.

All you need to get started is pay through Paypal and sign up and then you shall continue your admin panel from the trial period with added password to get started creating, with a simple to use format perfect for both beginners and people who have some experience creating your own live radio couldn’t be easier.

The basic package comes with the choice to add up to 250 live radio feeds that can be chosen from our exclusive and extensive library from affiliates and partners, with well over 5000 live radio stations and growing daily along with every genre you can think of you won’t be disappointed.

With this package your “@yourbrand” live radio station shall be live on for everyone to hear and access for 3 months which is also a great promotional tool due to the websites high DA rating, MOZ rank and featuring high in the google search. Free promotion of your brand to get you started which can save $$$$ on advertising costs, believe me I have been there and spent the $$$$. newsletters and update emails with information on new features and new live radio channels that can be added to your station.

OK, now you have started why not continue, don’t stop now you are having too much fun.

Extras if you wish to take your project to the next level and have your own live radio brand that you have created, transformed into an app and published on the google play store where you can start earning money from Add’s and in app purchases.

SOUNDS A BIT DAUNTING????? Don’t worry we are here to assist every step of the way, I know it sounds like a lot of work, time and energy creating an app but I assure you it is not, YES thats the kicker, you’ve put in the time and effort already setting up the control panel, all you need to do is confirm your options from the below list and we shall do the rest.

After confirming your options below and we have checked AND double checked they are best suited for your goal then ALL YOU NEED TO DO NOW IS……… WAIT 3 – 5 days (Depending on google and day of the week) then your app shall be ready to push to your developer account or publish on your behalf (times may vary depending on the options chosen), NOW YOU ARE COMMITTED and have chosen your add ons then we shall request all information needed from you including add mob add id’s, developer id etc. the app is all yours with full control in google play.

NOTE – We are obviously hoping you stick with our hosting service as I dream one day of moving out of my parents basement, BUT if unfortunately you have not chosen surfwoodboards hosting option then the transfer process may take a little longer due to host transfer times etc. but as we promise we shall support you every step of the way to avoid delays and downtime of your live radio until it is fully functioning again and the app is linked to your new hosting service provider.

SORRY I need to get a plug in here somewhere, again may I remind you….. parents basement, I do highly recommend using our hosting service as it is one of the best for this kind of application and due to our high volume of subscribers we have I don’t think you shall get better quality for the price.

No matter what option you choose you have a full 3 months from initial subscription date hosted by us AND nearer the end of the 3 month period you shall get several reminders, emails and basically begging letters to stay with us as a hosting service……. yes basement again.


$1.99 – Access to exclusive logo/icon maker software to create your own brand as well as enabled the function to add up to 500 live radio feeds.

$3.99 – Add up to 1000 more live radio feeds to your live radio app, total up to 1750.

$49.99 – Turn your radio station into an official Android App and publish on google play, with this package you shall need a google play developer account (Easy to create and instructions provided if required) and the app shall be transferred to your developer account and linked to our hosting service for 3 months from first subscription date.

***This option can be selected anytime into the initial 3 month subscription period, as soon as your station is finished and you are satisfied it can be published to google play***

$19.99 – Transfer of full source code to your google drive or by email, this enables you to make changes to the App as you can see from the 10 live radio app’s featured on surfwoodboards. Full instruction package provided, a step by step “how to guide” to change appearance of your app so it can be as they call “re-skinned” and republished under a different name again doubling up on $$$ making opportunity’s through google Add’s, Admob’s and in app purchases.

$9.99 – Add 3 more months hosting on website, you station shall stay live on the site, again great cheap promotion for your brand.

$19.99 (Yearly auto renewable) – Continue your hosting for your live radio station and app with again great promotional stage for your app and live radio brand.


Free – Transfer your control panel setting to your own hosting service, full assistance given along with back up file for future use.

$4.99 – Set up your google adds into your app for you and start making money from googles great paid advertising Admobs or google adds, also set up in App purchases so you can start earning on your published App. All that is required again an easy to set up google add mob account, create your add’s, send us the codes and we shall insert into the code into the app for you.


$99.99 – By skipping the foreplay and going for the full package.

1. Full admin control panel with up to 2000 YES…… 2000 live radio channels (250 channel bonus expansion pack).
2. Logo and icon maker.
3. Android app with your brand and logo published to google play with source code and full instructions handed over.
4. Add google admobs and in app purchases to code so you can start earning from your app as soon as it is published.
5. 1 year hosting on surfwoodboards and featured on our website live radio page, again this is a great promotional feature for your brand and app to get more downloads and in turn earn more from your app.

You may ask why $99.99 its only like a $10 saving…….

Some extra bonuses with the MEGA PROMOTION are 2 times a year a mention in our blog posts which again due to our high google ranking are seen by thousands of people weekly on the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and so on with links to your app in google play, website or whatever you want. You write your plug we shall publish it.

Not only this we shall grant user access to post on our facebook page @surfwoodboards for life where you can plug your app and live radio as many times as you want whenever you want. Again a great promotional tool as we are affiliated with many other Facebook pages like SEO and SaaS services, music pages, android app review pages and so on, we shall share your Facebook posts through our appropriate Facebook affiliate pages. Again a great way to advertise @yourbrand without spending $$$$$$$ on advertising through Facebook, youtube etc.

If you decide to make a promo video we shall post for @yourbrand to our youtube channel for free, with our subscribers growing daily this is another great free promotion for your brand to grow and gain more followers, get more app downloads and earn more $$$$$$ (This could be a more than one time if your video is good and gets us more subscribers) Laugh emoji), video guidelines and tips can be sent upon request.

Free technical support for 1 year for your app and a full “hints and tips guide” from our expert team (me) for google play, developer and the best ways to make money using google.

Last but not least, when your brand kicks off and you start earning the big bucks which I assure you it will we shall assist you in all aspects of starting and setting up your own site if you so desire.

All we ask in return is when you hit it big and relocate to silicone valley don’t forget the poor team here at send us a plug on your page occasionally.

See the first app general genre release here on google play store rotator radio live

Rotator Radio

Upcoming Genre releases –

  1. Chillout
  2. Country
  3. Dance
  4. EDM
  5. Hard Rock
  6. Hip Hop
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