MailChimp Easy Integration To SEO Social Media

How to Easily Integrate your MailChimp To Seo Social Media’s Application.

You can now integrate MailChimp into SEO Social Media easily following these instructions, after this feature is set up then then all email addresses collected through messenger quick reply or user sign up shall be automatically added to your designated MailChimp mailing list.

MailChimp brings all your audience data together , with MailChimp you can easily promote your business through email, landing pages, postcards Etc. through one platform.

MailChimp gathers all your audience data in one place enabling you to learn your audience and create targeted content and has several packages available depending on your business size and requirements, they offer a Free start up plan with all the basics for a start up business through to the Premium package for larger well established businesses with many excellent features.

Integration Procedure.

The first step is to go to menu messenger BOT and click actions in the email auto responder section, then click on MailChimp Integration as below.

MailChimp Easy Integration To SEO Social Media 1

Now you shall find yourself in the MailChimp API integration panel, simply click on the Add Account button, a pop up window shall appear where you need to enter your API key and tracking name.

Enter your MailChimp API key and give this a unique tracking name so you can recognise it later.

MailChimp Easy Integration To SEO Social Media 2MailChimp Easy Integration To SEO Social Media 3


Click on the save button and this shall use the list from your given MailChimp account.

With SEO Social Media there are two ways to collect email addresses, one is when a user signs into the Seo Social Media, in order to send these users email addresses to your MailChimp list you shall need to configure the settings.

By going to the menu – system – settings then click change settings from the general section.

Now click the email auto responder tab and select the MailChimp list that you want to send the collected emails to.

MailChimp Easy Integration To SEO Social Media 4

The other way Seo Social Media collects email addresses is through Quick reply in the messenger BOT  function of the application, when you configure this to send collected email addresses to your MailChimp list.

Go to menu – Messenger BOT then click the actions link from the BOT settings section.

MailChimp Easy Integration To SEO Social Media 5

Now simply click on the general settings tab, select your desired MailChimp list and hit save.


Now your MailChimp and Seo Social Media are integrated and all emails collected shall be automatically added to your selected MailChimp list.


This is just one more function that SEO Social Media allows you to add to make your experience easier and more cost effective for your business, allowing you to focus on building your business and targeted traffic.

Our goal and mission statement is to be the only solution you shall ever need and to be the only customer choice of Marketing Software.

With our unique messenger BOT marketing tool there is currently no other software like it that fully utilises the most under rated and utilised marketing tool available Facebook messenger.

Over the next weeks there shall be more posts showcasing more of our tools and the ease of integration into our #1 software platform, with these articles we hope to show our users and potential users how easy this software is to use and the flexibility of the tools available in software.

Up Next

Set Up and Integration, Sendgrid SMTP on SEO Social Media.

Integration process for Gmail SMTP with SEO Social Media.

Coming soon.

Over the next few weeks I plan to start releasing some videos on our youtube channel as well as articles in our blog to show the step by step set up process of our unique software from and Administrator’s point of view, this shall give our users a “behind the scenes” of the time spent on integration to ensure our users have the ultimate experience.


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