Google Application Approval | SEO Social Media

Google Application Set Up For SEO Social Media.

Step 1 – Google Application and Google My Business Set Up And Approval Process.

For the next few blogs I shall be not only adding set up tutorials for our users but also walking through the approval process required to get SEO Social Media up and running including all App approval by the various social media groups, some being harder than others to get the approval.

A basic trials and tribulations guide to setting up SEO Social Media.

I plan to Blog how I came up with this idea for this software to help businesses save time and effort in a cost effective way, also how I utilised a very what I would say relatively unknown Marketing technique through our software using Facebook Messenger, this technique can save our users $$$ on marketing and Add’s and gain up to 50% more leads.

With SEO Social Media gaining these approvals through our approved Business this allows our subscribers to log into all their social media applications from our unique software platform so as they don’t need the App approval themselves, saving our users time and effort and allowing them to concentrate on the more important parts of running their business.

As these App approvals were official through all the Social Media Channels our subscribers need not worry about privacy as SEO Social Media is a secure site and our Admin has no access to any of our users personal information without approval. See link to our privacy policy. and link to our GDPR compliancy.

My first step before even starting App approval by the likes of Google and Facebook was to start my official limited company in the UK, this process was easier for me this time as it is not the first time I have applied and run a business out of the UK, thanks to Companies house UK they take care of the whole process at a very reasonable price.

Certificate of Incorporation

The major issue I faced was actually being stranded in the Philippines due to the global Covid pandemic but fortunately using Companies House they were a great help through these tough times.

I also have videos that I shall attach regarding each set up, app approval process, please excuse the quality of these as it was at the beginning and I have had to censor some parts as these were made as test App creations not for but using the original software name I had and before going live with SEO Social Media.

These videos shall also be posted on our youtube channel, please like, share and subscribe to our channel for updates on developments and improvements and also some upcoming exciting developments in our software that shall be free to all subscribers.

I shall try posting in some sort of order that makes sense to the readers.

So let’s get started, first I shall begin with the Google App approval process, before any of this you shall need to open a google developer account.

Creating the Google App and Submission to Google My Business for Approval.

SEO Social Media’s unique software application is the most powerful way to utilise the Google My Business Service, combining and integrating the already excellent Google My Business with SEO Social media gives users the ultimate experience unique only to our users.

First Of all, Go to System -> Social Apps -> Google menu in SEO Social Media Admin section in the Application, here you shall find the App integration section with the redirect URL’s for Google, Blogger and Youtube.

Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 12.24.36.pngAfter this you shall need to apply for your Google App Key, Client ID, Client Secret to integrate the Google App with the SEO Social Media application, the next couple of steps show how this is done.

Google Application Approval | SEO Social Media 1

Go to Google API Console and click on the Project option of the top left corner and then click on the New Project button.

Google Application Approval | SEO Social Media 2

Click on the newly created project and you shall find it there with all your project details.

Google Application Approval | SEO Social Media 3

Now click on the Credentials button from the left-side menu and click on the Create Credentials -> API key option, a menu with API Key will appear. Click this option and copy the API Key and paste it on SEO Social Media Application’s Google App integration form’s API key field.

Google Application Approval | SEO Social Media 4

Google Application Approval | SEO Social Media 5

Now again click on the Credentials button from the left-side menu and click on the Credentials -> OAuth client ID option, select the Configure Consent screen button, select External as User Type and hit Create button.

Google Application Approval | SEO Social Media 6

Google Application Approval | SEO Social Media 7

Now A form will appear where you have to provide all your application’s details (available in SEO Social Media application’s Google App settings section at System -> Social Apps -> Google section).

Application Name : Provide your app name.

Application Logo : Upload your app logo here.

Authorised Domains : Provide your application domain and hit Enter key.

Application Homepage Link : Put here SEO Social Media application’s Homepage Link here. (see image)

Application Privacy Policy Link : Put here SEO Social Media application’s Privacy Policy Url here (see image)

Application Terms of Service link : Put here SEO Social Media application’s Terms of service URL ( see image ).