ActiveCampaign Integration To SEO Social Media

How to Integrate and Set Up ActiveCampaign With SEO Social Media.

SEO Social Media are happy to announce that now you can integrate into our application from user friendly dashboard, with this feature all the email addresses collected from your messenger quick reply or user sign up shall automatically be added to your desired ActiveCampaign list.


ActiveCampaign is excellent and can automate your email marketing, not only this but it features some other great tools to support and grow your business.

Other features include Marketing Automation including site and event tracking, Messaging including SMS and Facebook custom audiences and Email Marketing

With ActiveCampaign you can personalise your customers experience, targeting their specific interests and use simple work flows to automate your marketing.

ActiveCampaign are now offering a FREE 14 day trial and you can also sign up for a great FREE demo showcasing these great features here.

ActiveCampaign offers several packages depending on your business size and requirements, these are simple pricing plans with no additional set up fees and can be paid on  monthly or on a yearly basis. The yearly subscription offers great saving and with both the monthly and yearly subscription packages ActiveCampaign are now running a limited offer that should not be missed including FREE CRM with sales integration.

Check this link to the pricing plans and sign up now.

ActiveCampaign integration

ActiveCampaign Easy Integration to SEO Social Media.

The Integration and set up is simple and easily done through your applications control panel.

First of all go to your Messenger Bot menu then click the Email Auto Responder section, check the box ActiveCampaign Integration as below.

ActiveCampaign Integration To SEO Social Media 1

After this you shall now be directed to the ActiveCampaign API integration panel in Seo Social Media, click on the Add account button and a pop up shall appear prompting you to enter a tracking name, API, URL and API key.

Enter your ActiveCampaign accounts API, URL and API key, also give this a unique name for future reference then hit save.

ActiveCampaign Integration To SEO Social Media 2

Clicking on the save button shall fetch the list from your selected ActiveCampaign account.

How to get your ActiveCampaign API key.

With this Seo Social Media and ActiveCampaign integration you can collect emails in two ways, one is from Seo Social Media when a user signs up.

In order to send your users sign up email address to your ActiveCampaign list you need to configure the settings by going to the menu – settings and then click change settings.

Now click the Email Auto Responder tab and select the ActiveCampaign list that you want to send the collected email addresses.

ActiveCampaign Integration To SEO Social Media 3

The second way to collect emails is the Quick Reply Function From Seo Social Media’s Messenger Bot, This setting must also be configured in order to send collected emails to your ActiveCampaign list.

Go to the Menu Messenger Bot then click on the actions link in the Bot settings section, click on the general settings tab and select your desired ActiveCampaign list then hit save.

ActiveCampaign Integration To SEO Social Media 4

Now that both Seo Social Media and your ActiveCampaign accounts are integrated enjoy the great features  both of these excellent marketing tools have to offer, why wait, start expanding your business NOW.

Sign up following the below links for a free trial of both SEO Social Media and ActiveCampaign now, set up the integration and try it out, you won’t be disappointed we guarantee. FREE Trial. FREE Trial.

With both of these great, automated, easy to use marketing solutions integrated into your business all you need to do is set up, sit back and watch your business grow with minimal time and effort allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


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