Review of the Ghostbusters Slot Machine

You’ll need the correct mentality and arsenal to chase away New York’s specters. Bets can be placed in increments as little as C$1 and as large as C$10, with a minimum of C$50 and a maximum of C$500 available for each spin. Then, you may keep the action going without stopping by pressing Spin or the Auto spin button.

Information on the Ghostbusters Slot Machine Game

New York City and its suburbs are plagued by ghosts, causing widespread panic. Given the supernatural nature of the scenario, regular law enforcement would be helpless and would have to recruit those with special abilities to track down the ghosts. This slot machine was inspired by the 1984 comedy film of the same name.



The Ivan Reitman film was so popular that it has been recreated in several media forms, including animated features, computer games, and television shows. This interest in comedic horror films is what inspired IGT to base most of its exciting Ghostbusters video slot on the original film’s plot and characters.

Can you describe the Ghostbusters’ features?


Ghostbusters, starring Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, and Rick Moranis, was a classic movie that everyone will remember. You may play the Ghostbusters slot machine, which is based on the hit movie, at any of the recommended IGT casinos on Inside Casino. It boasts a medium level of volatility, a return to player percentage of 96%, and several fun extra features including the Stay Puft extra, in which you may win 8 free spins, and the Slimer Ballroom Bonus, in which you use a proton gun to “Slimer” and earn multipliers. A true masterpiece.


IGT’s Ghostbusters slot machine has 30 reels and 5 paylines with a return to player percentage (RTP) of 94%. It should come as no surprise that the slot, which is based on the 1984 film Ghostbusters, looks, sounds, and plays much like the movie did. The game plops you down in the middle of a city overrun by ghosts, where the courageous warriors are using their best weaponry to keep the situation under control.


The high-paying symbols are depicted as movie stars, staying true to the film’s premise. Slimer, the energized green ghost, is the most lucrative and often appearing icon. He doubles as a Wild card in the game. He can stand in for other icons to create a winning combination. As the one who sets off both the Stay Puft free spins feature and the Ballroom Busters bonus feature, the Purple Library Ghost is also crucial. If you get 5 of the same Wild symbol, you get 500 times your bet.


Ray, Egon, Winston, Peter, and Louis (the film’s leads) will all make appearances, with the others following in monetary worth. The heroes’ weapons serve as additional thematic emblems, as they are employed to destroy the ghosts. Examples of such devices are the automobile, the ghost trap, the ghost detector, the ecto mobile, the proton pack, and the ecto goggles.


With additional features like wilds, multipliers, and free spins, the Ghostbusters slot game is offered with a medium level of volatility.


Added Value Functions

Things at the reels are guaranteed to heat up, much as in the film’s terrifying and tense plot.  In addition to the standard gameplay of matching symbols on the reels, there are several unexpected elements that can significantly increase your payoff.


Hidden Details

These can be triggered at any time during gameplay and can award fantastic bonuses. Some of them are:


Optional Monetary Prizes

A random monetary award of up to one thousand coins is available.


Indeterminate Multipliers

At random, you may win a reward that increases your payment by a factor of up to five.


Shocking Wins

Winnings can be multiplied by transforming one to three symbols into wilds.


Insanely Extra

When this occurs, four reels become wild. Wilds expand to include all neighboring reels that share an edge.


Keep Puft’n and Spin Bonus Game

Here, the additional symbol of a Marshmallow Puft Man is crucial. Free spins are triggered when he appears alongside two Slimer Ghostbusters bonus symbols. The bonus round awards a total of 8 free games, with 40 active paylines.


In this bonus round, Marshmallows that fall from the sky act as a wild multiplier, increasing the value of a winning combination by a certain amount. When the marshmallows hit, they may transform random icons into locked wilds that stay that way until the bonus round ends.


Bonuses for Busting Balls in a Slimier Manner

Two Slimy Ghostbuster bonus symbols on reels 2 and 3, along with the Stay Puft bonus symbol on reel 4, will trigger the feature. against this screen, you have 5 proton shots to use against ghostly Slimers. After being shot, the ghosts will disclose their prizes, which might include a multiplier of up to 5x your initial bet.


What makes Ghostbusters Slot so appealing?

It’s apparent that IGT, a leading games developer, used all of their expertise to create this visually stunning and imaginative video slot. The combination of the Ghostbusters movie effects with the slot resulted in a popular game that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their familiarity with the paranormal.


The purple lady’s cries and Slimer Ghost’s antics, for example, are guaranteed to pump some adrenaline into any video game.


When it comes to payouts and general play, the game’s many aspects make for the chance for rare significant winnings. If you’re fortunate enough to activate the additional features, you may win enormous sums of money thanks to the mix of free spins rounds, multipliers, and infinite Wilds. However, being a high-stakes slot machine, it is not recommended for casual players.


Added benefits of free spins

Increasing payout

Cons of the Typical Return on Investment

Play for real money with the ability to win big!

The End of Our Review of the Ghostbusters Slot Machine

Do you enjoy scary movies or do you simply want to beat up some ghosts? If you visit any of the best online casinos, you may play the Ghostbusters video slot and become a part of the daring crew that helps clean up the city. Play for free in demo mode or for real money at any reputable IGT gaming establishment. You’ll either have a great time playing a thrilling game or get lucky and win a lot of money, or both!






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