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CJ Paddling March Point 1
Gluing Deck Down
Cypress Head Zack and Marcus

Mahi Mahi Paddleboard

Our newest paddleboard model, mahi-mahi, has a flowing swept rail look that incorporates a reverse fantail transom.  The mahi mahi paddleboard is 11’2” in length and 29” wide on the deck, providing great stability even in choppy conditions.  The board is light coming in at 32lbs.


Assembly is quick and easy the precision cut CNC parts are slotted and tabbed to index perfectly in the proper locations.  In fact assembly of the paddleboard is much like putting together a model car or airplane just on a larger scale and with less parts. Once assembled the board is sheathed in fiberglass cloth and the fin box installed.

Mahi Mahi Stand Up Paddleboard Kit:

    • Finished Board Dimensions and Capacity:
    • Length 11’2”
    • Width 29”
    • Capacity 275lbs
  • Kit Contents
    • Precision Cut CNC Wood Parts
    • Fiberglass Cloth
    • Epoxy Resin
    • Resin Thickner
    • Mixing Sticks
    • Mixing Cups
    • Instruction Manual
  • Kit Price $799 Shipped!799

Voyager Paddleboard

The Voyager paddleboard features a sleek profile with a v entry to reduce pounding in chop and makes a great touring board. 

The Voyager uses more traditional stitch and glue construction methods than the Mahi-Mahi yet is still CNC cut for ease of construction.  We have a blog dedicated to building and paddling the Voyager:

The Voyager kit is milled from Okoume plywood, 3mm for the skins and 6 for the bulkheads and includes the dimensional lumber needed for the stringers and shear clamps. 

The Voyager features a fin box and removable fin for ease of storage and transportation and the ability to change performance by switching fins.

Dimensions are:

  • Length 14’
  • Beam 28.5 inches
  • Capacity 225lbs
  • Weight Approx. 38lbs

Kit includes:

  • CNC cut Plywood parts
  • Dimensional wood parts
  • Fin Box and Fin
  • 30” Deck Traction Pad
  • Epoxy and Fiberglass for gluing and coating
  • Instruction Manual
  • Mixing Supplies

Kit is $899 with shipping


Paddleboard Framing
Laminating Paddleboard
CJ Bowman Bay cropped

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